geezer/sw -- CM shell for Atari ST

CM -- a command-line shell for Atari ST

CM was a command-line shell for the Atari ST. It used my comnd library which emulated, in C, the TOPS-20 COMND JSYS.

I do have sources for this version of this program, but I'd rather not put them here since I am not sure if this was the latest version. (If I ever get my old ST running again, I'll know.) What you'll find here are a document for the program and, if you dare try it, a compiled copy of this version of the program.

The compiled version is here as cm110.bin . You'll have to rename it using a '.prg' (or perhaps '.tos') extension if you want to try running it. Do this at your own risk. Be aware that this was compiled circa 1986!

-mm- 20070810


The document file was originally called cm.doc - I've renamed it to cm-doc.txt for the web, .doc means something else these days.