On Baldness

On Baldness

If a man is bald in front, he's a thinker.
If he's bald in the back, he is a lover.
If he's bald in front and back, he thinks he's a lover.

"Papa, are you growing taller all the time?"
"No my child. Why do you ask?"
" 'Cause the top of your head is poking up through your hair."

He has wavy hair... it's waving goodbye.

He's not baldheaded... he just has flesh-colored hair.

There's one proverb that really depresses him: 'Hair today, gone tomorrow.'

He has less hair to comb, but more face to wash.

It's not that he's baldheaded...he just has a tall face.

There's one thing about baldness... it's neat.

There's a new remedy on the market for baldness. It's made of alum and persimmon juice. It doesn't grow hair, but it shrinks your head to fit what hair you have.

He's so bald that it looks like his neck is blowing a bubble.

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